Lawrence Mitchell

Lawrence Mitchell

Lawrence Mitchell is Chief Marketing Officer and Corporate Wellbeing Programme Creator at RBI, Coach, author and founder of GetRaw

A large part of his career has been focused on driving positive change and transformation in corporate environments, creating significant customer and corporate value in a wide range of consumer and b2b sectors such as financial services, retail, hospitality, energy, agriculture & aviation.

He believes passionately that successful businesses should continually develop a culture of customer obsession and well-being throughout the organisation in order to boost creativity, loyalty and growth.

In 2014, Lawrence created the ‘RBI Living Well’, a corporate wellbeing philosophy and programme for 3k employees around the world. The programme piloted in the UK and has now been extended to APAC and America, enabling employees around the world to access interventions to help them improve their physical and mental resilience and performance.

A passion for personal fitness and nutrition combined with an entrepreneurial streak, led Lawrence to train to be a wellbeing coach in 2013, and start his own platform There he has developed ‘The Energy Boost Programme’ a lifestyle management system to help people with demanding schedules create positive transformations through the creation of new habits.

Lawrence is the author of three books, including Success without Stress, and A Better Life.