Katayoun Rezaiamiri

Katayoun Rezaiamiri, Senior Managing Consultant, GALLUP®

Katayoun Rezaiamiri, Senior Managing Consultant, advises C-Suite leaders at global organizations to think strategically about the value of human capital and create workplaces based on the strong foundation of performance, engagement, strengths and well-being. Katayoun has a track record of providing unique thought leadership and advice to leverage human capital and drive sustainable business growth.

Katayoun is passionate about utilizing the strengths and well-being sciences to bring organizational alignment from vision to talent management, to development and performance management to improved workplace conditions, reduced turnover, more engaged employees, and increased customer loyalty.

As a trusted advisor to clients, Katayoun has over 18 years of experience with global Fortune 500 companies across several industries including hospitality, telecoms, automotive, financial services, consumers packaged goods, and manufacturing. Prior to Gallup, Katayoun worked in senior positions at Mattel Inc. and advised Mars Inc. and ConAgra.

Katayoun concluded graduate studies in International Relations and Management at the University of California, San Diego. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington.