Jo Bluett


Jo is a Laughter & Holistic Health Consultant from Laughter For Health. Based in Edinburgh, she works all over Scotland and the UK with a whole variety of businesses, charities, health organisations, community groups, schools, colleges and universities, as well as members of the public.
After experiencing first hand the devastating impact of long-term stress, Jo has seen how laughter can rescue people and can become a catalyst for positive change for both individuals and organisations.
Laughter has a way of instantly connecting people and is one of the most basic and fundamental ways in which we communicate as human beings. But more than that – laughter can increase confidence, self-esteem, creativity, positivity and resilience, bringing positive changes to all aspects of our lives.
Laughter Clubs (recently featured on the BBC2’s The Real Marigold Hotel) are growing in popularity across the world as a way for people to manage stress and to boost both their health and happiness.
While laughter has many physiological benefits (see below), perhaps one of the most surprising is the effect laughter can have on our heart-health – significantly reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Scientific research shows that “belly laughter is as effective at widening arteries and lowering blood pressure as taking statins and going jogging” (ref. Dr Michael Miller, Centre of Cardiovascular Health, University of Maryland).
Laughter in the workplace can improve communication, teamwork, morale and productivity and can reduce stress-related absenteeism and conflict.
Having worked for 20 years in the corporate sector, Jo has experience in people management, training and business development.

Jo’s passion is spreading fun, laughter and positivity in order to boost health and happiness. Having personally experienced hyper-adrenal exhaustion and burn-out, Jo became fascinated with the mind-body connection and how working with our body’s own natural rhythms and healing abilities can maximise both health and performance.
Jo runs Edinburgh Laughter Club – the arm of her business which she runs entirely voluntarily to bring social impact into the community and supporting local charities.

Established in 2010, Edinburgh Laughter Club is now the most successful laughter club in the UK with 2 weekly classes and having raised over £6.5K for local charities including Health in Mind, Macmillan Cancer Support and The Ca(I)re Programme.
Jo also works as a Bowen Therapist and she believes that laughter and a holistic approach to health go hand in hand.
The benefits of laughter:
• Lifts our mood
• Boosts our immune system
• Improves our heart health
• Lowers blood pressure
• Improves our breathing
• Boosts oxygen supply
• Reduces stress
• Improves social connection
• Builds resilience and positivity
• Builds confidence and self-esteem
• Boosts our creativity