Conflict and mental health

In our mental health awareness training we regularly talk about there being a link between conflict and mental health issues. Our own experience, both as employment lawyers and people, tells us that mental health problems (and in particular stress and stress induced depression) can be both the cause of and caused by conflict in the[…]

Who made the Great Place to Work List?

Great Place to Work has just released their 2015 Special Report.  Interesting reading for employers and employees and full of features, facts and insights.  To borrow one of their straplines: ‘Be inspired by the best’.We’re delighted that Charles Fair, Head of Consultancy at Great Place to Work is one of ourTo At Well-being At Work[…]

Work related illness on the increase

With over 40% of days lost from work-related illness being attributed to stress and mental health issues, which has become one of the top five reasons for long-term absence, the need for employers to tackle the issue of employee well-being in the workplace is increasing. Organisations, large and small, are realising that to attract the best talent and keep them[…]

Well-being at Work Event Launches

It’s proven: employees working for organisations with a comprehensive well-being programme in place are more productive, take fewer sickness days, have a higher level of commitment and are more likely to recommend the company to others. The number of employers introducing innovative and progressive well-being initiatives, in large and small businesses, is growing. But, there[…]