Wellbeing at Work event
Cavendish Conference Centre London
1st November 2017

Wellbeing at Work Conference

The Event

Learn from the experts and create an engaged workforce, improve productivity and reduce absenteeism

The Wellbeing at Work Event is a one-day conference in central London for HR & business leaders. Come and learn from experts and peers about the latest wellbeing developments and successes that are enhancing individual and organisational performance in companies across the UK and the World.

Global communications and technologies are changing the world of work and employers are continuing to ask more of their employees. The Wellbeing at Work Event aims to provide a forum for businesses to hear, meet and discuss wellbeing initiatives with leading experts and practitioners to equip businesses with the tools to introduce or improve wellbeing programmes in the workplace.

The Event will include a programme of influential speakers, debating panels, workshops and networking sessions where delegates can ask questions, exchange ideas and share experiences on a subject that will change the world of work forever.

  • Increase staff attendance

    An average sized firm with 250 employees is estimated to make an estimated loss of £250,000 annually, due to sickness absenteeism.

  • Outperform your competitors

    FTSE 100 companies that prioritise employee engagement and wellbeing outperform the rest of the FTSE 100 by at least 10%.

  • Improve staff retention

    A highly engaged workforce has the potential to reduce staff turnover by up to 87%.

  • Learn from the experts

    Over half of workplaces still have no formal mental health policy, even though it costs UK employers around £26 billion each year and is one of the top five reasons for long-term absenteeism.

2017 Speakers

Our 2017 speakers below
John Cleland

Managing Partner, Pinsent Masons

David Brewin

Global COO, EY

Vanella Jackson

Global CEO, Hall & Partners

Adele Blakebrough

Chief Executive, Social Business Trust

Edward Thurman

Managing Director (Financial Institutions), Lloyds Banking Group

Carl Fillery

CEO, Boundless

Theresa McHenry

Senior HR Director, Microsoft

Jo Salter

Director (People & Organisation), PwC

Katayoun Rezaiamiri

Senior Managing Consultant, GALLUP®

Anthony Lawrence

Group HR Director, WHSmith

Marcus Hunt

European Health & Wellbeing Manager, Unilever

Carrie Birmingham

Former HR Director, News UK

Lynette Oat

Chief Growth Officer, Optum International

Jane Wheeler

Partner, Hine Legal

Lillian Antonio

Senior Ergonomist, Herman Miller

Mark Manley

Partner, Gaia Leadership

Natalie Dee

Head of Programmes, Quidnunc

Sally Hemming

Associate Director (Talent team), EY

Charles Fair

Head of Insight, Quidnunc

Dr John Kennedy

Founder, Encardia Wellness

Dr Sara Kayat

NHS-registered GP, GPDQ

Alex Bailey

Leader, Bailey & French

Phil Blows

Director, Wealth Wizards

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Our Sponsors & Partners

The companies that support our event and vision
Encardia Wellness
The next generation of workforce stress management
Gaia Leadership
Gaia Leadership is a global leadership consultancy
We believe that an organisation’s capacity to compete and create value is determined by its capacity to create leaders. We support our clients to develop successfully as leaders, so that they can achieve extraordinary results. Our work is based on a philosophy with four concepts: The interaction between the part and the whole, inner and outer growth, the manager/co-worker relationship and the integration of culture and structure. What we do with our clients is assessed against this framework, to ensure that every individual can develop to his or her full potential. This means that we work with each client in a unique way, suited to each businesses particular conditions and challenges.
GPDQ The Doctor Will See You Now
GPDQ’s corporate health packages offer a range of services that minimise sickness and promote wellbeing in your organisation. We can host GP clinics at your office, provide on demand visits for your employees or create a bespoke employee benefit package, ensuring that your team is happy and productive.
The largest corporate benefit of physical activity in the world
Gympass provides its members unlimited access to 500+ activities in 20,000+ gyms, fitness studios, swimming centres and boot camps, covering 12 countries around the world. Gympass is a digital platform that empowers companies and people to have a healthier life. They offer corporate customers unlimited and flexible access to an array activities with just one membership, which can be tailored to meet the requirements of company profiles and tastes. Gympass work with some of the world’s best companies to prove, with data, that they are helping to reduce absenteeism, health insurance costs, increase employee engagement and improve wellbeing.
A Mentally Healthy Workplace – Good Business Sense
Herman Miller
Design and build a better world with Herman Miller
Herman Miller is a 100-year old-plus company that places great importance on design, the environment, community service and the health and well-being of our customers and our employees. We work with leading designers such as Studio 7.5, Yves Behar and forpeople to create inventive, design-driven solutions to life’s everyday problems.
Hine Legal
A team of lawyers specialising in employment law
Hine Legal is a team of lawyers specialising in employment law advising both businesses and individuals.
We are a health services and innovation company
Quidnunc is a sales and people development firm
Quidnunc is a professional services firm that grows companies and develops people. We enable our clients to achieve additional business growth through the development of Partners, Directors and their teams across four areas: people development, business generation, communication and behaviour measurement. In our ‘always on’ working world it is important to stand out by being seen and heard, by building your reputation and extending your reach.
Wealth Wizards
We marry best-in-class software engineering and technical expertise
We are Wealth Wizards, and we’re the UK’s first fully-regulated online financial adviser. We make expert advice accessible and affordable for everyone. We work with progressive employers to help their employees feel in control of their money. By combining financial expertise and smart technology, they get a realistic, personalised plan for their workplace pension. It works online across mobile, tablet and desktop, so it’s more consistent, less expensive, and lower risk. Together, we tailor their company benefits package to the business so that employees get more than just a salary.
Wellness London
Healthy employees = Healthy Business
Wellness London makes employees and businesses thrive. With innovative, bespoke wellness programmes tailored for each employee, Wellness London has grown to become the number one name in Workplace Wellbeing in the UK and Ireland. Founded by Kim Johnson and Philip Jones, from a passion for well-being and years of experience in the health and fitness industries working with stressed, burnt out city professionals. Wellness London’s clients include some of the leading names in the financial sector, including global investment firms KKR and Alliance Bernstein, to out-of-London corporations including St Gobain’s Weber
Your Global HR community for HR and recruitment professionals
Changeboard is a global HR community where HR and recruitment professionals can find relevant jobs, careers advice, and insights from thought leaders and innovative human resources practitioners. Our aim is create a rich, respectful and professional environment in which you can find all the information you’ll need to manage your career and make more informed career decisions.
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